European Satyananda Yoga Gathering " Yogic Lifestyle – a Path to Happiness", May 2020

We are very happy to inform you that booking is now underway for this special event which will take place in Serbia this coming May.

This event is unique as it marks the first gathering of the Satyananda Yoga Family Sangha in Europe, since the 2nd chapter of yoga was unfolded by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in 2014. SYAE is delighted to be hosting this event.

To celebrate this very special gathering and sangha of aspirants and disciples, sannyasins and yoga teachers of the Satyananda/Bihar Yoga tradition, satsangs, lectures, classes and workshops will take place over the course of this 4 day event, in the beautiful and natural setting of Serbia’s countryside.

All sessions will be guided by Yogacharyas and teachers from Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe. As special guest, a sannyasin of the Bihar School of Yoga in India will be joining us and also teach during the ESYG.

Topics will include:

  • Manahprasad & Japa – Yama and Niyama for a Yogic Lifestyle

  • Pratipaksha bhavana – Staying on the positive side

  • Pratyahara – Tool for positive management of life challenges

  • Yoga ecology – In tune with nature

  • Yogic lifestyle – Yoga from moment to moment


Due to limited capacity of the venue, we strongly advise you to apply and register as early as possible.

For more details and registration:

If you have any questions please contact: